From Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 am to 6.30 pm, 9 breads on sourdough and organic flour, cooked in wood fire oven :

The white bread : T65
Le Tradition : Farine T65 + levain de Froment

The Cereal white bread : T65 + Sesame seeds- Lin seeds -Sunflower seeds -Pumkin seeds
Le Céréal : Farine T65 + mélange de graines bio

The half whole wheat bread : T80
Le Campagne : Farine T80 semi complète

The Figs-Hazelnut-Raisin : T80
Le Figue-Noisette-Raisin : Farine T80

The Nigellan : T80, cooked in casserole inside the oven
Le Nigellan : T80 et graines de Nigelle

The whole wheat bread : T150
L'Intégral : Farine T150

The 100% spelt bread
Le Petit Epeautre : Levain de Petit Epeautre + Farine de Petit Epeautre

The 100% Rye bread: T170
Le 100% Seigle : Farine de Seigle T170 + levain de seigle
The 100% buckwheat bread


Fougasse of the day

The organic sandwich of the day


Little Cocoa Bread with Chocolate chips

The sourdough Brioche

The chocolate chips and walnut cookie

The "Patoune"

At the bakery

You will find our 100% organic cotton totebags to keep your breads for days !