Tatup.fr The bakery

TATUP is a double French acronym :

Traversée Au Tour dU Pain
Terre Aux Traits d’Un Pinceau

Means :
Experience the world of bread
World under a paintbrush

It’s the project of Nirvan (Baker-photografer) and Delphine Chklé (painter-illustrator).

TATUP 1.0 from 2014 to 2016

It was a round the world trip, based on bread and art.
"We visited professionals of the trade in 25 countries so we could open our own bakery when coming back.

TATUP 2.0 autumn 2017

Birth and growth of the project with the Organic bakery.

Ancient bread but in a cool and modern way.
Simple products, looking good, tasting better. Baked with our own sour dough and respect.

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Opening soon, during dec. 2017 !

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TATUPNow: Work in progress

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